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My name is Ben Dalling and I am a 3d game artist with experience creating characters and weapons for several games and mods over the years.

Most recently I've contributed to the release of Tripwire Interactive's game: Rising Storm.
If you like my work
I can be contacted here for any work related inquieries.

Published Titles
-RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad (PC)
-RO2: RisingStorm (PC)
-KillingFloor (PC-DLC)

-Experienced in communicating and co-operating with a team located around the world.
-Organic sculpting/modelling.
-Hard surface modelling.
-Low poly modelling .
-UV mapping.
-High poly to low poly texture baking.
-Texture creation.

Other Skills
-Experience in creating art for multiple game engines.

-Antimatter games (2013-Current)
Character and Weapons modeller.

-RisingStorm team (2011-2012)
Character modeller.